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TrucksHardwareBach Onboard Unit

Bach Onboard Unit

Convenient telematics via the cloud

The compact Bach Onboard Unit serves as the central link between the vehicle and the ZF OPENMATICS telematics portal: Developed for use in buses and trucks, the unit makes fleet and order management as well as asset tracking easier for fleet operators. The device reads, records and transmits freight and vehicle information to the cloud. The Bach Onboard Unit is compatible with most vehicle brands and thus the perfect solution for mixed fleets.


  • Extensive sensors for precise localization: GPS, altimeter, 3D compass, 3D gyroscope, 3D accelerometer
  • Broad selection of communication interfaces such as USB, CAN, Bluetooth, WLAN and more
  • Progressive 3D sensors combined with the dead reckoning function provide precise positioning and allow vehicle tracking even in GPS shadows
  • Supports OPENMATICS Portal 1.0 , OPENMATICS Portal 2.0 and the deTAGtive Portal asset tracking solution
  • Available as a 4G version including 1 GB memory for data ex works
  • Compatible with buses and trucks by most vehicle brands and thus ideal for mixed fleets
  • Track vehicles and assets in real time via the cloud

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