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CarsHardwareZF Smart Service Device

ZF Smart Service Device


Diagnostics solution for passenger cars

ZF OPENMATICS has developed a user-friendly and intelligent diagnostics solution that caters specifically to the needs of independent workshops: ZF Smart Service makes carrying out basic maintenance tasks easier than ever before. The compact diagnostic unit is compatible with all automobile brands and is characterized by its robust and minimalist design. ZF OPENMATICS also offers a suitable user-friendly diagnostic app to complement this device.


  • Wireless connection: Use the OBD interface to easily connect the Smart Service device to the car.
  • Extensive range of functions: In addition to EOBD2 diagnostics, Smart Service currently offers four maintenance functions for changing oil, replacing brakes as well as resetting the breather and the steering angle sensor.
  • Flexibility: The diagnostic unit supports all automobile brands worldwide – from Europe through North America to Asia. This makes Smart Service an ideal solution for smaller and independent workshops.

Link to the ZF Smart Service App

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