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Non-AutomotiveTAGsdeTAGtive TAG 4

deTAGtive TAG 4

TAG2TAG communication at the loading bay ensures a better overview when loading and unloading

Handy and versatile Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) deTAGtive TAGs are the foundation of our smart asset tracking system for various Industry 4.0 applications. TAG 4 gives users a better overview of the times for loading and unloading and facilitates the flow of goods to the loading bay: It captures every TAG within a two-meter radius and transmits the information to the closest TAG Finder.


  • Clear allocation of a vehicle's incoming and outgoing assets by a clearly demarcated range
  • Complete overview of all loading and unloading processes at the loading bay: no manual recording necessary
  • Handy, robust and energy-efficient design as well as easy installation
  • Power connector means no dependency on batteries
  • Modular system consisting of four different TAGs , diagnostic units for indoor and outdoor applications as well as software tools allows you to tailor solutions for every field of application.

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