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General ZF OPENMATICS inquiries

You can contact us directly for general inquiries like ZF OPENMATICS company information or product portfolio.

Email: vasb.bcrazngvpf@ms.pbz

Phone: +420 371 150 000

Technical inquiries related to ZF OPENMATICS

For technical inquiries, please get in touch with our customer support.

Email: fhccbeg.bcrazngvpf@ms.pbz

Phone for customers from Germany:
+49 7541 777 555

Phone for customers from all other countries:
+420 371 150 150

Opening hours: 8.00 am - 16.30 pm (CET)

General ZF inquiries

For general inquiries related to ZF products and services.

Email: msfreivprqrfx@ms.pbz

Do you have any questions about our company, our latest innovations or our product portfolio? Then get in touch with us and use the contact form below! We will forward your inquiry to the respective expert department.

Phone: +49 7541 77-0

Contact form