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Forward-Looking Full-Range Radar

Forward-looking Full-Range Radar

ZF’s Full-Range Radar is a high-resolution 4D 77GHz full range radar designed for Level 4 and above automated driving.

Higher levels of Automated Driving use cases require wide fields of view and the capture of a large number of high-resolution targets for high precision environmental mapping – with 192 channels, the imaging radar offers high separation capabilities in azimuth and elevation of the environmental map as well as lateral and longitudinal scales.


  • Powerful detection performance in 4 dimensions for Automated Driving
  • 192 channels enable highly detailed object detection up to 300 m
  • Enables fusion with further sensor technologies including ZF’s best-in-class S-Cam4 or Tri-Cam cameras for advanced automated driving functions as well as lidar technologies
  • Allows the vehicle to act autonomously in the most appropriate way according to the captured comprehensive grid information
  • Road boundary, free space measurement
  • “Small object” detection (e.g. exhaust, brick, bicycle, …) up to 80m possible

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