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DrivelineElectric Drives 8-Speed Plug-In Hybrid Transmission (Gen4 - from 2022)

8-Speed Plug-In Hybrid Transmission (Gen4 - from 2022)

8-speed Plug-In Hybrid Transmission Gen4

Significant CO2 reduction with simultaneous increase in electrical performance

More power and higher efficiency characterize the 4th generation of 8HP transmission. Thanks to its modular design with different launch elements, the new 8-speed automatic transmission can be used in the electrified variants PHEV and MHEV as well as a conventional variant in the future. The 4th generation of the 8HP modular system is more than just a "single" transmission, and therefore the flexible solution for the future requirements of our customers for electromobility.


  • CO2 savings
    PHEV >95 g/km | MHEV up to 15g/km | conventional up to 7g/km
  • Increased More E-Performance
    PHEV up to 160KW at 350V, MHEV up to 34kW at 52V
  • Installation Space Neutral
    Integrated Power Electronics
  • Improvement of the Mechanical Degree of Effectiveness compared to Gen. 3
  • Integrated Start-off clutch (only IAE for PHEV) or Torque Converter
  • Transmission Performance is up to 500kW and 1000Nm

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