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Tri-Cam Front Camera

Tri-Cam features three different lens configurations

Tri-Cam supports safety and comfort features

Part of ZF’s S-Cam family of advanced driver assist products, Tri-Cam is the most advanced smart-camera on the market. It simultaneously delivers long-range and short-range/wide object detection for premium and semi-automated applications, with all sensing and algorithms/computing in a single camera module.


  • Tri-Cam features three different lens configurations – a telephoto lens with a 28º field-of-view for enhanced long-range object detection and traffic light recognition up to 300 meters, and a fish-eye lens with a 150° field-of-view for expanded short-range sensing in addition to the standard 52° lens used for ADAS safety functionality (e.g. EuroNCAP).
  • The Tri-Cam delivers best-in-class optical performance in premium Driver Assist System applications and provides a basis for semi-automated driving functions such as Highway Driving Assist, Traffic Jam Assist and beyond.
  • Design allows for enhanced long-range object detection and traffic light recognition, in addition to improved short-range sensing capabilities capable of meeting test protocols for crossing pedestrians and bicyclists, as well as improving the adaptive cruise control performance by detecting near vehicle cut-in and smoothly adjusting vehicle speed for an improved semi-automated driving experience.
  • Mobileye’s most advanced object recognition technology (EyeQ4) combined with ZF’s longitudinal and lateral vehicle control expertise.
  • It's compact and flexible mechanical design make it smaller than any stereo camera currently on the market and can suit a wide range of vehicle types with differing windshield angles.
  • Through advanced thermal design the camera is reliable during high-temp operation.

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