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Predictive Damping

Forward-looking monocular camera from ZF
Environment detection with camera-, laser-, lidar- and radar-systems
Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
Analysis of the road condition

It’s better to know what is ahead!

One of the essential features for mobility of the future is predictive knowledge about roads and their conditions. ZF’s most modern camera technologies pave the way for recognizing and analyzing the road in advance. Together with the sophisticated control of sensors and damping, “Predictive Damping” tackles adverse obstacles as well as dangers and provides for safe driving.


  • Detects obstacles and dangers in advance
  • Protects parts such as spoiler and strut mounts
  • Improves comfort
  • Enables damping pre-selection via CDC
  • Uses existing cameras made by ZF or other providers
  • Capable of being integrated via modular design in available control algorithms