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DrivelineAutomatic Transmissions8-Speed Plug-In Hybrid Transmission

8-Speed Plug-In Hybrid Transmission

8-speed plug-in hybrid transmission
Modular kit with standard 8-speed automatic transmission and mild, full and plug-in hybrid module

Fully charged: plug-in-hybrid system for passenger cars

The best of both worlds: Plug-in hybrids combine the range of a combustion engine with a locally emission-free electric drive. ZF offers hybrid technology to automotive manufacturers in the form of a modular kit to meet their exacting requirements.


  • All functions of the standard transmission plus the advantages of the electric drive unit
  • Integrated starting element fits into the available installation space
  • Integrated electric pump (IEP) with an output of just 85 watts reduces the load on the ob-board supply system
  • Electric motor cooled either by water or transmission oil
  • Separating clutch with low drag loss decouples the electric drive from the combustion engine, which, in turn, increases the range in electric mode
  • Only 30 millimeters additional installation space compared with the standard transmission
  • Optimized torsional damper, even for three-cylinder engines
  • Compact electric motor with a peak output of up to 90 kilowatt and 250 newton meter torque (Plug-in)
  • All-wheel drive compatible

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