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Integrated Brake Control (IBC)

Integrated brake control: full electronic brake control and regenerative system capability in a single, integrated unit

Integrated brake control is a non-vacuum, integrated electro-hydraulic brake apply control unit which can replace the electronic stability control, vacuum booster, and vacuum pump (where needed), as well as associated cables, sensors, switches and controllers. It offers regenerative braking in a single, integrated unit and covers fuel-efficient power trains without the need for supplemental vacuum pumps.


  • Normal brake pedal feel delivered through pedal simulation
  • Provides highly dynamic brake performance including automated functions
  • Helps to enable reduced stopping distance, fast pressure build rate for AEB and pedestrian protection - helping to achieve NCAP
  • Vehicle coverage from small-car to light-truck segments; compatible with all powertrains
  • Fuel economy and CO₂ emissions benefits
  • Significant weight savings
  • Fewer components: more compact packaging, simplified vehicle assembly installation
  • Start of production in 2018

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