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Active SafetyBraking ComponentsSingle and Tandem Boosters and Master Cylinder

Single and Tandem Boosters and Master Cylinder

Single Booster
Tandem Booster

Single and tandem booster brake actuation designs help deliver efficient brake performance and support fuel and emission targets

The Girvac tie-rod single and tandem brake booster designs allow for efficient absorption of pressure from the booster, leading to enhanced performance. It enables the booster shell to be much thinner and lighter, as the shell does not need to transmit the force through the booster. The brake booster works in combination with a fixed seal master cylinder utilizing seals that isolate the brake fluid in two distinct circuits located in the master cylinder housing.


  • An industry-leading design
  • Shorter overhang of master cylinder mounted into the booster
  • Compact master cylinder design
  • Single booster covers a wide range of vehicles, from small cars to trucks and SUVs, while tandem booster covers a wide range of vehicles, from mid-sized cars up to trucks and SUVs
  • Lighter weight to help increase fuel economy and reduce emissions
  • Optimized packaging solutions through smaller component dimensions
  • Reduced noise and smooth brake applies to enhance driver comfort
  • Available with Dual Rate or Mechanical Brake Assist functions for enhanced performance
  • Easy integration of brake light switch or pedal travel sensor
  • Compatible with Start/Stop systems and all ESC variants

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