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Traffic Jam Assist

How can you make driving in congested traffic on the highway more comfortable? Traffic Jam Assist

Traffic Jam Assist can assist you to in driving in highway traffic jams up to 60 km/h while the host vehicle automatically follows the vehicle ahead. The latest forward-looking radar and camera technology helps sense traffic and the road ahead. Fused data from both sensors is used to help adapt the vehicle speed to the speed of the vehicle ahead, with Stop-and-Go functionality. Based on optical detection of lane markings, the vehicle is centered within the occupied lane.


  • Optional front corner radars help to improve detection of vehicles cutting in.
  • The driver is required to monitor both surrounding traffic and system status and can override the system at anytime (SAE level 2 automation).
  • Traffic Jam Assist’s longitudinal, Stop-and-Go control function can manage vehicle speed and help maintain safe distance to the leading vehicle; actuation is performed by ZF’s high-performance electronicaly controlled braking systems or integrated brake control in the case of vacuum-less braking systems.
  • The lateral control function can help maintain vehicle position in the lane; actuation is performed by ZF’s well-established, high-bandwidth belt drive or column drive electric powered steering products
  • Helps dramatically reduce the efforts and stress of highway driving in congested traffic
  • Helps enhance vehicle and occupant safety
  • Supports collision mitigation or even collision avoidance to help improve road safety

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