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Steering Wheel Systems

Driver airbag module
ZF VDA Level 3/4 Steering Wheel

ZF produces a variety of steering wheel technologies.

ZF’s steering wheels are a key element of the interaction between car and driver for both vehicle control and comfort. With more than 100 years of expertise, ZF develops innovative technologies meeting the highest quality standards. Equipped with structural safety elements, electronic components and luxury materials a steering wheel is among the most emotional components within the vehicle interior.


  • Standard Steering Wheels: ZF's steering wheel technologies can integrate the driver airbag module and be comprised of lightweight materials like magnesium or low density foam. Combined with decorative parts like high-gloss or chromed bezels, the steering wheel can be customized to meet consumer preferences.
  • Advanced Steering Wheels: ZF’s steering wheels can offer advanced functions through multifunctional switches and heating systems to enable drivers comfort and convenience. Premium materials like leather or wood enhance the look-and-feel of the steering wheel and the overall cabin. Advanced driver assist systems and partially automated driving functions can be supported by Hands On/Off detection or vibration motors for human machine interface.
  • Future Steering Wheel Concepts for Automated Driving VDA Level 3 and 4:
    • ZF’s future steering wheel can help to support safe handover scenarios from manual to automated driving mode and vice versa. Integration of all basic functions in an intuitive and lightweight product is designed to support more effective driving of a partially automated vehicle. Customers also benefit from greater freedom of design.
    • ZF’s steering wheel concept for VDA level 3 / 4 can be combined with Steer-by-Wire technology to support automated parking when in automated driving mode.

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