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Highway Driving Assist

Interested in highway driving without driver intervention? Check out Highway Driving Assist

Highway Driving Assist is designed to allow you to drive on the highway while the vehicle controls the lane-keeping and speed/safe distance management.


  • The driver is required to monitor both surrounding traffic and system status and can override the system at anytime (SAE level 2 automation).
  • The longitudinal control can help manage vehicle speed and maintain safe distance to the leading vehicle; braking actuation is performed by ZF’s high performance electronic braking systems, or by integrated brake control in the case of vacuum-less braking systems.
  • The lateral control can help maintain vehicle position in the lane; actuation is performed by ZF’s well-established, high-bandwidth belt drive or column drive electric powered steering products
  • Addresses trends toward partially-automated driving functionality and collision avoidance
  • Helps relieve the driver from monotonous driving tasks on highways and rural roads, while keeping him involved in more demanding tasks, such as lane changes.
  • Helps to enhance vehicle and occupant safety
  • Provides collision mitigation or even collision avoidance to help improve road safety
  • May improve fuel economy by minimizing hard acceleration / deceleration