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Emergency Steering Control

Emergency Steering Control: helping to avoid obstacles using lateral vehicle control

Assisted Emergency Steering Control is a ZF Emergency Steering Assist function that uses forward looking radar and camera to help quickly and accurately detect impeding vehicles. The function can support the driver in an emergency situation where the driver initiates an evasive steering maneuver. The system has the capability to apply an additional steering torque to help the driver during the maneuver and assist in stabilizing the vehicle.


  • The active control retractor seat belt helps hold drivers and front-seat passengers safely and securely in place during dynamic safety maneuvers for increased vehicle control
  • Actuation via ZF’s well-established, high-bandwidth belt drive or column drive electrically powered steering products
  • Assisted Emergency Steering Control functionality is implemented using torque overlay through a driver steer recommendation interface
  • Assisted Emergency Steering Control algorithms could be hosted in a driver assist sensor, safety domain electronic control unit or in the electrically powered steering gear
  • Ability to integrate steering, restraints and active safety components in single, in-house system
  • Shorter development cycle times and lower development costs