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Forward Facing Monocular Cameras

ZF is the number one supplier of forward-looking monocular cameras globally currently supplying over 5 million cameras annually.

ZF advanced camera solutions are designed to support safety functions such as automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning/lane keeping. These functions are realized with a forward-looking monocular camera mounted on the windshield.


  • Forward-facing cameras can be used with the vehicle’s electronically controlled braking system to support adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking functions for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Can be paired with electrically powered steering to enable haptic feedback for active lane keeping assist.
  • Support comfort features like automatic high-beam control and traffic sign recognition.
  • Advanced camera solutions support active safety functions and semi-automated driving functions, including traffic jam assist and highway driving assist.
  • When fused with radar, the camera can enable higher performance automatic emergency braking due to redundant detection and situational analysis.