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AC1000 Radar

A new high-performance forward-looking radar to help meet 2016+ Euro NCAP requirements

The AC1000 is a high-performance 77GHz forward looking radar that enables vehicle and pedestrian detection features and is designed to help meet 2016+ Euro NCAP 5-Star Safety Ratings. Based on 77GHz silicon germanium technology, it features digital beam-forming technology for a speed-adaptive field of view (capable of up to 200 m range at high speed and up to 70° field of view at low speed, using up to 400 MHz bandwidth).


  • Multi-mode radar helps to enhance high-speed ACC performance and low-speed object detection in city environments
  • Supports features to meet 2016+ Euro NCAP requirements, including pedestrian automatic emergency braking
  • Patented FMFSK waveform for interference and jamming rejection
  • High-performance ACC algorithm with 15 years of development expertise gained on passenger cars and heavy trucks
  • Camera fusion capability
  • Compact size
  • Package suitable for all vehicle types from A-segment to commercial vehicles