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Hydrodynamically Cooled Clutch HCC®

Hydrodynamically Cooled Clutch HCC®
Optimized Heat Dissipation
Comparison of thermal Capacity

Cool Cruising at all Times

The hydrodynamically cooled clutch (HCC®) is a newly developed start-up element. This clutch is designed for use in strongly motorized vehicles with stepped automatic transmissions or CVTs. The low mass inertia torque and the compact design make the HCC® an ideal startup element - not merely for sportive uses, but also for vehicles with a distinct start-up deficiency (due to i.e., turbo lag).


  • Improved driving dynamics due to low mass inertia, torque and weight
  • Strategy-capable start-up element
  • Significantly improved heat transfer due to autonomously generated internal cooling circulation
  • Decoupling of torsional vibrations by integrated torsional dampers
  • Optimized gear shifting times and high start-up performance
  • Especially suitable for vehicles designed to emphasize dynamic-sportive attributes - with AT or vehicles with deficiencies in start-up (due to turbo lag)
  • Plug & Play: existing automatic transmission´s structure is utilizable