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Dual Mass Flywheel

Single-row DMF: For engines with low and medium torque ranges up to 400 Nm. Straight compression springs. Multi-stage characteristic curve.
Double-row DMF: For engines with medium and high torque ranges > 350 Nm. Additional inner damper for high driving comfort.
DMF with rpm-adaptable damper
DMF TD with direct output.

Multi-stage vibrational damping

ZF provides different dual mass flywheels to meet the requirements of different powertrains. The entry level is the Mechanical Torsion Damper (MTD) for lower and and medium torque ranges. The DMF is made for different power levels as required. The single-row DMF contains a powerful external spring set. In the double-row DMF this is complemented by an internal damper. For very demanding applications the DMF is equipped with an rpm-adaptable damper.


  • Less noise
  • Easier to shift gears
  • Outstanding vibration damping throughout the entire rpm range
  • Easily adjusted to vehicle designs
  • Smooth start/stop performance
  • Long service life
  • Smaller dimensions
  • Pull and push-type clutches possible
  • Reduced fuel consumption because vehicles can be operated at lower rpm levels