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DrivelineAutomatic Transmissions8-Speed Automatic Transmission

8-Speed Automatic Transmission

The 8-speed automatic transmission
Weight reduction
Concept selection
ZF automatic transmissions - fuel savings
The 2nd generation of the 8-speed automatic transmission

Innovation by reduction: efficiency, perfected

With the development of the new 8-speed automatic transmission by ZF, the focus is not on the number of speeds but rather on the minimization of fuel consumption. The new 8HP 8-speed automatic transmission, which was designed to be more lightweight, sets new standards for flexibility, efficiency, and economy. It is an excellent example of how the power of innovation can create a new classic design.


  • New gear set design: four planetary gear sets and only five shift elements minimize the drag loss and increase the transmission efficiency.
  • Optional hydraulic impulse oil storage (HIS) opens up the possibility of the start-stop function and increases the fuel savings potential.
  • Integrated transmission control unit with extremely quick response time.
  • Basic transmission can be combined with multiple power take-up elements including the torque converter, the hybrid drive, and the integrated power take-up element.
  • Full hybrid compatibility: on the basis of the parallel hybrid concept, mild, full and plug-in hybrid systems can be implemented with the basic transmission of the 8-speed automatic transmission.
  • The transmission is compatible with the following all-wheel-drive concepts: All-wheel drive center differential integrated, integrated all-wheel drive system (IAS©), hang-on all-wheel-drive
  • For input torque range from 300 to 1000 newton meter
  • Multidisk separation of brakes
  • Optimized cooling: less cooling oil for low system pressures, more cooling oil for high system pressures
  • Automatic idle shift system at vehicle standstill and engaged service break (stand-by control)

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