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Pickup Trucks Get Electric with ZF eBeam Axle Pickup Trucks Get Electric with ZF eBeam Axle

Pickup Trucks Go Electric with ZF eBeam Axle

ZF’s eBeam axle provides a powerful all-electric rigid axle with integrated inverter — and is ready now! Offering unparalleled function and modularity through ZF’s broad electric portfolio, our eBeam is unlike any other on the market.

Workhorse Electrification

Nearly one quarter of the more than 15 million light vehicles registered in the U.S. last year was a pick-up truck. As the world’s second largest automotive market, the U.S. pick-up truck segment offers enormous potential for electrification. ZF is prepared for this specific requirement of the U.S. e-mobility market: Our eBeam axle is the perfect solution for electrifying solid axles in pick up trucks and vans.

We are taking our expertise in beam axle technology, e-motors, inverters and brakes to bring to the market the first truck electric beam axle with an integrated inverter featuring highly efficient SiC technology.

It’s an exciting time for electrification in the U.S., and ZF is ready to deliver. Now.

Technology Overview


E-motors to support various power and torque levels up to 350kW and 16,000 Nm per axle. Steerable eBeam in the front upgrades to all-wheel drive and even more power and torque.


800V SiC inverters, developed and manufactured in-house, enable reduced charging times and support system efficiencies of more than 95% in combination with ZF’s own highly efficient e-motors and low loss transmission technology.

Comfort & Driving Safety

Can be combined with:

  • ZF’s Active Kinematic Control (AKC) rear axle steering to enhance comfort and driving safety
  • limited slip differential
  • park lock
  • brakes
  • specifically tune shock absorbers
  • steering systems for the front axle
Easy Integration

Drop-in solution that can be used in electric vehicle architectures and replace the conventional ICE drive axle without modification of existing suspension configurations.

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