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DrivelineAutomatic TransmissionsEcoLife 2 in the City and Intercity Bus

EcoLife 2 in the City and Intercity Bus

Making urban life liveable

Start, stop, start, stop: city traffic is often a pain. Relieve the stress with our EcoLife 6-speed automatic transmission - the uncompromising solution in any application. The second-generation of the successful automatic transmission in the city bus is even more robust, even lighter and still more economically than the predecessor. Moreover, the transmission saves up to other 3 percent of fuel.


  • Fuel economy with innovative stop/start function over the entire transmission service life
  • 6 gear steps ensure operation in the optimum speed range at all times
  • TopoDyn Life driving resistance-dependent shift control
  • Stop/start function fully integrated into the same installation space
  • Top braking power with integrated primary retarder and dual cooling concept
  • ZF-DriveLife digitalized service: predictive maintenance and preventive service packages

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