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Solid State LiDAR (in Development)

Solid State LiDAR Perceiving Complex Situations in 3D in the commercial vehicle sector

Perceiving complex situations in 3D

The new generation of Solid State LiDAR sensors provides complete 3D imaging of the vehicle's environment and a precise perception of complex traffic situations. The recognition is independent of the lighting conditions of the environment. The technology plays a key role in the implementation of complex driver assistance systems and applications for highly automated driving.


  • Accurate and reliable detection of objects, even in the intermediate field of view
  • Higher angle resolution and additional field of view due to cascading optics
  • Recording of scanned data to create a model of the vehicle's environment
  • Tracking algorithms in the sensor determine position, shape, speed, yaw rate, direction of travel
  • Measurement of distances and speeds and detection of open spaces within the entire field of vision
  • Can be used in any lighting conditions in the environment and at any time
  • Development partner: Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH