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DrivelineAxle SystemsAxTrax AVE - Electric Portal Axle

AxTrax AVE - Electric Portal Axle


Zero-emission driving through the city

The electric portal axle AxTrax AVE with integrated drive close to the wheel is the solution for electric buses, hybrid buses and trolleybuses. It enables to solo buses as well as articulated buses full-electric and zero-emission driving. The ZF system with inverter and the EST 54 electronic control unit with proprietary ZF software provides vehicle manufacturers with a system package that is designed for cost-effectiveness and efficiency.


  • Developed for demanding inner-city applications
  • Drive concepts: hybrid, fully electric (fuel cell or battery) and overhead contact line
  • Mechanical interfaces compatibel to low-floor axles AV 133 and AVN 132
  • Enables innovative passenger compartment design and new bus layouts
  • High peak and continuous power through liquid cooling
  • High power-to-weight ratio
  • 4WD-Capability

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