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Independent Front Suspension for Coaches

Independent Front Suspension RL 55 EC
Independent Front Suspension RL 75 E

Highest level of traveling comfort through ZF technology

The front axle RL 75 E offers the driver and the passengers the highest level of traveling comfort and, due to its handling properties, support the trend to longer buses from 13 m to 15 m. One of the key features of the RL 75 E is its wheel cut of up to 60 degrees. With the RL 55 EC, Midi-Buses can participate of the benefits of independent suspensions: More comfort, increased roll stability and reduced turning circle. The RL 55 EC can be used for buses with a vehicle width of minimum 2.30 m.


  • Reduced body roll and smaller turning circle compared to steering axles with axle beam
  • Reduction of unsprung masses means less load on the road surface and optimum comfort
  • Increased maneuverability (with RL 75 E steering angle of up to 60°)
  • Supports active safety with improved vehicle handling and very precise steering
  • For vehicles wider than 2.3 meters

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