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Electric Drive for Buses

Pure electric drivetrains make sense for light passenger vehicles, but how about for commercial vehicles with large loads? Not over long distances, that’s for sure. But they are gaining traction in the noise- and exhaust-sensitive inner city: Large bus fleets provide enormous emissions savings potential.

Electric Buses for Clean Inner Cities

The AxTrax AVE low-floor electric portal axle for city buses affords operators complete flexibility. Its liquid-cooled electric motors, integrated directly into the axle, can be fed from different power sources: In addition to plug-in battery operation with or without a range extender, energy can be supplied by fuel cells or overhead cables with the appropriate infrastructure.

Besides emission-free driving, the AxTrax AVE offers additional advantages in urban stop-and-go traffic: Its high-torque electric motors set fully loaded buses in motion quickly. When braking, they switch to generator mode and gain back valuable braking energy. It also gives new freedom to bus designers: Since the driving energy is supplied to the electric motors (which are near the wheels) via power cables instead of mechanical linkages, vehicle manufacturers can arrange components completely differently than in conventional buses.

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