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Harvester Transmissions

Hydrostatic drive CST 35 with CTA 35
Wheel drive S-800
Hydrostatic drive 3 MD-40 with wheel drives S-800

Harvesting success with harvester drives from ZF

The remarkable features of ZF combine harvester drives include extraordinary ruggedness and highest possible reliability. For the hydrostatic drive of harvesting machines ZF offers a combination of 3MD-series transmissions and S-series wheel drives which are designed for vehicle weights of up to 24 tons. Thanks to the ZF modular system, combine harvester drives are also suitable for self-propelled construction machines and municipal vehicles.


  • Particularly easy operation
  • Small installation space
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Comfortably selectable driving speed ranges for continuously variable adaptation of speed in working operation
  • Quick reversing at constant drive motor speed

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