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Next Generation Mobility. Now. Next Generation Mobility. Now.
Products & TechnologiesNext Generation Mobility. NOW.

The Future of Mobility. Today.

ZF believes Next Generation Mobility is no longer a distant vision but a tangible goal within our grasp. Now.


Welcome to the Future!

Since 2018, “Next Generation Mobility” has not just been the designation for ZF’s Group strategy – it also represents a performance pledge, both for the past and the future. Through a great deal of hard work, we have made our vision a reality. Today ZF is providing mobility technology that is both modern and sustainable.

Up to this point, mobility has been a fundamental human need that has placed a great burden on our climate, making it necessary to undertake a mobility transformation all over the world. The coronavirus pandemic has further accelerated the pace of this trend. People everywhere now have the expectation of viable mobility that is electric, intelligent, connected, sustainable, safe, autonomous and also affordable. Today ZF offers solutions appropriate to this challenge – both already in and close to volume production. We invite you to join us here and now on this exciting journey into the mobility of tomorrow.

Autonomous mobility. NOW.

Solutions for all Levels of Automated Driving

The mobility transformation is also about greater flexibility in using various means of transport as well as in increasing the availability of the mobility services on offer. Autonomous driving plays a key role here – and so does ZF as a systems supplier.

If traffic and mobility solutions are to become safer, more efficient and more convenient, there is no getting around fully automated driving in the medium term. Intelligent advanced driver assistance systems are already achieving greater safety and comfort in passenger cars today. Autonomous shuttles will soon be supplementing public transportation in cities. They will also serve to improve connections between rural regions and metropolitan areas. ZF already has all the necessary technologies required to implement automated and autonomous driving ranging from Level 2 to Level 5.

Semi-Automated Driving for Everyone

Level 2+ semi-automated driving systems can help enhance safety and comfort in passenger cars. With its comprehensive portfolio of intelligent advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), ZF offers solutions scalable to cost and functions desired.

Autonomous Shuttles: Riding Past the Traffic Jam

Driverless, electric minibuses can already massively relieve inner-city traffic. ZF has expanded its offering to get autonomous transport systems on the road faster.

ZF ProAI: The Source of Vehicle Intelligence

The intelligence of future vehicles will be controlled by a few extremely powerful central computers like the new ZF ProAI. It is the most flexible, scalable and powerful automotive-grade supercomputer on the market.

Automated Valet Parking

With its cost-efficient "Automated Valet Parking" solution, ZF helps to reduce the stress of finding parking spaces. The system is one of the first worldwide to function independent of a pre-mapped and instrumented parking garage infrastructure.

Intelligent Mobility. Now.

Intelligent mobility. NOW.

Road traffic can be made safer and more efficient through artificial intelligence and better networking. To make this a reality, the automotive industry needs new E/E architectures with high-performance controllers as well as extraordinary software expertise – and ZF has both at its disposal.

Electric vehicles alone are not a good mobility solution if they are lined up one behind the other in a traffic jam. Intelligent car-to-x communication is absolutely crucial to keep traffic flowing and to prevent such jams from forming. It can also increase the safety of road users. New E/E architectures within the vehicles and high-performance computers tailored to such architectures serve as the basis here. Data sources that are already available, for example with regard to terrain profiles, are linked with newly collected data, such as on road conditions, which further increases the performance of intelligent systems. At the same time, the available data create the opportunity to offer entirely new services. ZF already has everything that the software-defined vehicle of the future will need, from automotive supercomputers and algorithms to new concepts for how data can increase the performance of mobility even further.

Software as a Product in the Chassis of the Future

Advanced assistance systems, over-the-air-updated: Software is becoming a key differentiator in automotive industry. With cubiX, ZF is launching its first software-only product in volume production.

Using Bits and Bytes to Create Intelligent Vehicle

Under the motto "Intelligent Mobility Now", ZF is already utilizing the potential of software, artificial intelligence and cloud computing for more safety, efficiency and sustainability in road traffic.

The Mediator in Automotive Software

With its “middleware”, ZF is creating a central software platform for the software-defined car of the future. Middleware helps connect all software applications.

Fast Track to Digital Products and Services

ZF’s Data Venture Accelerator will transform data opportunities into sizable product and service offerings and provides an operational model to bring incubated data businesses to maturity.

Electric Mobility. Now.

Electric Mobility Today: Efficiency, Fun and a Clear Conscience

ZF is electrifying everything, from bicycles to heavy-duty trucks. Right now, unique expertise like this is in great demand across all vehicle types – and it will continue to be in the future. When it comes to electromobility, ZF puts its focus on performance and energy efficiency, regardless of whether hardware or software is involved.

To be truly sustainable, electric drive systems need to be highly energy efficient for each and every application. As time is of the essence, electromobility needs to be faster and faster in finding its way out of development departments and into volume production. Modular construction-kit solutions from ZF will be setting the pace for electric drive systems here, with ZF remaining open to all technologies. The mobility specialist serves its customers through comprehensive solutions for plug-in hybrids as well as purely electric vehicles. With its EVplus (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) and EVnext (battery electric vehicle) concept vehicles, ZF is pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency further in the direction of the physical optimum.

Flexible All-Wheel Drive for Electric Vehicles

"eConnect is the name of ZF's decouplable, purely electric all-wheel drive. The technology company presented the close-to-production innovation to the public at this year's International Motor Show IAA.

On Fast Track Towards Tailor-Made Electric Drive

With the "Modular eDrive Kit", ZF presents a sophisticated modular kit for all-electric passenger car drives. It grants customers significant benefits when introducing their E-model series.

8-Speed Automatic Transmission

The fourth generation of the 8HP bestseller marks a paradigm shift: ZF has systematically designed its automatic passenger car transmission for hybrid vehicles.

Plug-in Hybrid: Software as Driver for Efficiency

Current volume production components plus improved software already makes the next generation mobility come true with PHEV.

Sustainable Mobility. Now.

Focus on Sustainable Products and Processes

Today, sustainability is an absolute necessity and of crucial importance for business success. Sustainability is therefore an integral component of ZF’s corporate strategy. However, mobility is only sustainable if all processes of a vehicle’s life cycle are also sustainable, with sustainability relating not only to the product itself but also to all processes that play a role in creating the product.

With its promise to develop mobility that is clean, safe, convenient but also affordable, ZF has elevated sustainability to the status of a foundation on which the company is built. All Group activities are geared toward this idea, and the company has pledged to become completely CO2 neutral by 2040. The plan is to have already achieved 80 percent of this target by 2030. By the way, as one of the largest wind power gearbox manufacturers, ZF is making a major contribution to green energy generation and is thus supporting the mobility transition in this area as well.

Climate Protection? Of Course!

Read an interview with ZF CEO Wolf-Henning Scheider about the growing importance of sustainability criteria for successful business and ZF's goal of climate neutrality.

Saving Raw Materials on a Large Scale

Remanufacturing is a sustainable alternative to new production. A visit to the Czech location of Frýdlant exemplifies how ZF is giving there a second life to safety products amongst others.

Sustainability in the Supply Chain

Good cooperation with all suppliers is the foundation of our value chain. ZF maintains these partnerships and expects its partners to respect and promote environmental protection, quality and human rights.

Putting People First

As a sustainable company and corporate citizen, ZF has long felt the obligation to give something back to society – with a focus on the most vulnerable. Learn more about ZF’s charitable work.

Safe mobility. NOW.

Being Safe on the Road

Integrated safety increases comfort and supports the driver through easy-to-use assistance systems as well as functions that include occupant health monitoring. In critical driving situations, the technology can intervene and protect the occupants.

The improvement of integrated vehicle safety goes hand in hand with the development of autonomous and automated driving. With increasingly powerful control units as well as sensor technology for monitoring the vehicle environment and interior, advances in safety technology are forming the basis for more and more driving functions that are semi-automatic as well as fully automatic.

ZF Brings the Steering Wheel to the Next Level

From design and functions for safety and interaction to electronics and software: as an important control tool, ZF makes the steering wheel fit for the future.

Connected Safety for Next Generation Mobility

ZF merges active and passive safety into integrated safety and is the only ZF group company to encompass the entire technology range. An interview with Rudolf Stark, Head of Division.

New Bag-in-Roof makes Headlines

ZF is regarded as a pioneer of the Bag-in-Roof airbag, which can be applied to all seating positions. This innovative restraint system is mounted above the windshield.

Occupant Protection gets Ahead of the Collision

Airbags that deploy earlier in the event of an unavoidable collision? ZF and BMW are working on it. The new predictive safety system can enhance occupant protection.