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GlobalTechnologiesNext Generation Mobility. NOW.
TechnologiesNext Generation Mobility. NOW.

The Future of Mobility. Now.

ZF believes Next Generation Mobility is no longer a distant vision, but a tangible goal within our grasp. Now.

ZF at CES 2023: Welcome to the Future!

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. To soften the impact of this change, ZF is constantly developing innovative solutions for clean and sustainable mobility that is also comfortable, safe and affordable. At CES 2023 in Las Vegas, ZF has been presenting technologies to help achieve these goals. Not visions from the distant future, but products and services that are available today – which is true to our motto, »Next Generation Mobility. Now.«

Live Stream ZF CES Press Conference

Missed ZF’s CES 2023 press conference? Watch the live stream recoding

ZF at CES 2023 Highlight Video

At CES 2023, ZF has shown how the Group is revolutionizing technology for electric and automated mobility. Watch now to see some of the highlights from the CES 2023.

CES 2023: ZF Presents Game-Changing Technologies

At CES 2023, ZF announced major progress in its work to scale up game-changing technologies that fulfill the company’s promise of Next Generation Mobility NOW.

Autonomous Level 4

Next Generation Shuttle

Solutions for Clean and Sustainable Mobility

Autonomous Shuttles: Riding Past the Traffic Jam

Driverless, electric minibuses may play a role in reducing inner-city traffic. ZF’s expanded offerings will help get autonomous transport systems on the road faster.

ZF - Specialist for Electric Mobility

ZF engineers recognized early on the importance of the electric motor and advanced its development. Recently, we celebrated the production of our two millionth electric motor. Learn more about electrification at ZF.

EVmore - Efficiency Turbo for Electric Mobility

With its EVmore drive concept, ZF demonstrates how new ideas for optimized components in the electric driveline can make the overall system much more efficient and sustainable.

Software-defined Vehicle

ZF provides all components and technologies for the software-defined vehicle and future oriented E/E architectures. Click on the (+) button to learn more about some of ZF's highlight solutions.



The most flexible, scalable, and powerful automotive supercomputer and the source of vehicle intelligence:The newly upgraded ZF ProAI is a central computer suitable for all vehicle platforms, software applications and E/E-architectures. One control unit for all purposes and all automation levels from ADAS to AD – and smaller, more energy-efficient and yet more powerful than ever before.

Electric Axle Drive

Electric Axle Drive

ZF electric axle drives are based on a modular eDrive kit, which is the ideal way to customize an electric drive perfectly fitting the demanded needs. The kit cuts development times by up to 50%, offers a whole range of power classes from 75 kW on a 400 V basis to 400 kW on an 800 V basis and benefits upwards from revolutionary silicon carbide power electronics.

Intelligent Sensors

Intelligent Sensors

ZF is a leading supplier of intelligent sensors, including different kinds of cameras and radars like the Smart Camera 4.8, the smallest front-facing single-lens camera available. Or ZF’s Imaging Radar, a high resolution 77GHz radar designed to satisfy enhanced system solutions for AD L2+, L4 and beyond.

ZF Solutions For Tomorrow's Mobility

ZF ProAI: The Source of Vehicle Intelligence

The intelligence of future vehicles will be controlled by a few extremely powerful central computers like the new ZF ProAI. It is the most flexible, scalable and powerful automotive-grade supercomputer on the market.

X-by-Wire: When the Electronics Take Control

ZF has the largest portfolio of by-wire technologies in the industry. What are the advantages when the electronics control the brakes, steering and other systems in the car – with no mechanical connection to the driver?

cubiX: Software as a Product in the Chassis of the Future

ADAS, over-the-air updates: Software is becoming a key differentiator in automotive industry. With the comprehensive cubiX vehicle motion control platform, ZF is launching its first software-only product in volume production.

Level 2+: Semi-automated Driving for Everyone

Level 2+ semi-automated driving systems enable more safety and comfort in passenger cars. With its comprehensive portfolio of intelligent ADAS, ZF offers solutions scalable to cost and functions desired.