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GlobalProducts & Technologies#MobilityLifeBalance
GlobalProducts & Technologies#MobilityLifeBalance

Mobility Life Balance

Lean back and enjoy the ride - ZF technologies help drivers all over the world reach their destination safely and comfortably.

The traffic jam on the motorway, the chaotic junction in the city, bad weather and a long drive back home after a long exhausting working day. Almost every driver has undergone these situations. In order to increase comfort and safety when driving, our global research and development network works on new, innovative solutions.


When you purchase a car, compare the total costs per kilometer.

Car sharing is often a good alternative to owning a second car.

Public rental bicycles or scooters can supplement bus and rail travel.

Long-distance coaches are an inexpensive alternative to rail travel.

Special mobility apps compare different means of transportation.

Travel Stress

Ensure a good supply of fresh air and take regular breaks.

Excessively high tire pressure reduces ride comfort.

Have the shock absorbers checked every 20,000 kilometers.

Facing forward can help during the onset of motion sickness.

Relaxing music can reduce the stress level for the driver.

Traffic Jams

Be prepared: take enough drinks and snacks with you, and do not store them in the trunk.

Shrugging your shoulders really helps! No joke, this helps loosen the muscles that tense up on extended car journeys.

Getting out is only an option in emergency situations when all traffic is at a complete standstill. It is otherwise too dangerous.

Remember to make way for the emergency services. Rule: everyone in the left-hand lane moves to the left, while all other lanes move to the right.

In slow-moving stop-and-go traffic, drive close behind the preceding vehicle. Frequent lane changes achieve nothing and could even cause a “traffic jam out of thin air” to occur.

Feeling Overwhelmed

Take a short break whenever you notice stress taking over at the wheel.

Do not let yourself get distracted by control displays or smartphones while driving.

Pay attention to stress triggers in your driving behavior. Everyone knows what they are.

Consider which electronic assistance systems you need before purchasing them.

When buying a car, have all the vehicle functions explained to you during a test drive.

Environmental Pollution

Switch to rail, bus, or bicycle, and engage in carpooling.

Driving slowly and predictively reduces pollutant emissions.

Keep your vehicle in good shape.

Purchase local products, saving on transportation costs.

Opening the windows fully for a short time rather than leaving them open slightly for longer periods saves energy and reduces emissions, especially in winter.


Check the tire pressure of your vehicle on a regular basis.

Clean the headlights if they do not have their own cleaning system.

Adjust the height of the headrest and seatbelt correctly.

Regularly undergo an eye examination. They are often free of charge.

Attend a first-aid course to refresh your life-saving knowledge.