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Vehicle Motion Control Vehicle Motion Control

Vehicle Motion Control: An Overview

The chassis forms the basis of any mobility on wheels. But how are drive, steering and braking impulses converted? How does a car react to influences from the road? And how are vehicle dynamics, safety and comfort combined?

Definition: What is Vehicle Motion Control?

The term Vehicle Motion Control refers to all technologies that influence the longitudinal, lateral and vertical dynamics of a vehicle. These include not only mechanical and mechatronic components such as steering, brakes, dampers and electronic control units, but increasingly software is also playing a major role. This software determines and controls the optimal driving strategy and the optimal interaction of all actuators in the vehicle.

Innovative technology for optimum vehicle dynamics

The chassis has a decisive influence on the safety, comfort and efficiency of cars

Even the advantages of automated driving can only be exploited if the chassis stabilizes vehicle movements and decouples the occupant from the influences of the road. ZF develops trend-setting solutions for this purpose.

X-by-Wire: When the Electronics Take Control

The term x-by-wire denotes the absence of a mechanical connection between the driver and the steering wheel, brake and other systems. ZF has the most comprehensive portfolio of these systems in the industry.

ZF's IBC: Stop Better and Drive Farther

ZF's Integrated Brake Control (IBC) is the best solution for managing passenger car brake applications. Benefits range from shorter emergency braking distances to an increased electric range.

Maneuverable Into the Smallest Parking Space

ZF combines smart software with innovative actuator technology to improve the maneuverability of passenger cars..

Chassis 2.0 - the Future of the Chassis

The Chassis 2.0 concept provides the flexible base necessary for software-defined, automated and electric vehicles. It combines smart actuators with a scalable E/E architecture and wide-ranging functions.

More freedom for steering: Steer-by-wire from ZF

With the steer-by-wire steering system, ZF is bringing manual, assisted and automated driving to a new level – for more safety and comfort on the road.

Using Bits and Bytes to Create Intelligent Vehicles

Under the motto "Intelligent Mobility Now", ZF is already utilizing the potential of software, artificial intelligence and cloud computing for more safety, efficiency and sustainability in road traffic.

Adaptive chassis control: advantages and technology

The Chassis Becomes a Flying Carpet

To regulate the hardness of the dampers only depending on the situation was yesterday. Today, sophisticated sensor technology and intelligent software algorithms make it possible to analyze and control the numerous variables of a vehicle's longitudinal, lateral and vertical dynamics.

The intelligent networking of the various chassis components within an adaptive chassis control makes it possible to achieve maximum driving dynamics, safety and comfort. In this way, ZF turns the chassis into a "flying carpet".

Software as a Product in the Chassis of the Future

Advanced assistance systems, over-the-air-updated: Software is becoming a key differentiator in automotive industry. With cubiX, ZF is launching its first software-only product in volume production.

The Dynamic Q5

ZF's active damping system, sMOTION, takes driving comfort, dynamics and safety to a whole new level. That is a huge plus when it comes to highly automated driving.

The chassis: How the technology works

A Real All-Rounder

The tasks of the chassis are many and varied: For example, it must transmit drive, braking and steering forces in the best possible way, absorb shocks, dampen vibrations and absorb lateral forces. Learn more about some ZF technologies that contribute to the fulfillment of these tasks.

CDC: Perfect Damping for Electric Buses

Electric buses mean more sustainable urban public transport, but design constraints necessitate a rethink with damping. ZF has the answer.

Systematic Damping

When it comes to driving comfort, dynamics and safety, the sMOTION active damping system has raised the bar. The prototype is an enhanced version of the tried-and-trusted damping systems from ZF, as a more detailed look at the technology shows.

The Smarter Way to More Grip

The eLSD electromechanical locking differential maintains thrust in extreme situations. This new networked solution brings many other advantages along with it.

Brake by Wire & Co: Braking systems in cars

Not just a Matter of Safety

ZF has many years of experience in the development of highly complex brake technologies. Take the example of Integrated Brake Control (IBC): With this brake-by-wire system ZF replaces the electronic stability control and the vacuum booster with all associated cables, sensors, switches, and electronic control units in a single integrated unit. In addition, IBC contributes to regenerative braking in order to enable charging of batteries in hybrid or purely electric drives. Thus, the braking system ensures greater range and lower emissions.

As a systems supplier, ZF uses its brake expertise to develop integrated solutions. For example, the Group implements automatic emergency braking and avoidance assistants through the interaction of brakes, sensors and electronic control units. These can help to avoid a collision with other vehicles or pedestrians or reduce the severity of an accident.

Development of systems and components

Teamwork as Success Factor

ZF is a globally active technology company with an extremely broad product portfolio. But how are the individual components created? How are systems developed from them? And how are they localized worldwide? Get to know the stories of our developers here.

Systems Meet Components

Two ZF developers explain in an expert discussion how they join forces to make a chassis fit for autonomous driving.

Winning in a Globally Active Team

Using the example of the construction of a demo car in India, ZF shows how worldwide knowhow transfer leads to customized solutions that meet local market requirements.

Connected Solutions

The Future of Mobility

ZF is shaping the future of mobility. With a broad and unique product portfolio, ZF offers system solutions that enable vehicles to see, think and act. This makes driving safer, more efficient and more comfortable.

Autonomous Driving

From technology and testing through to the future: We provide you with an overview of automated and autonomous driving of cars and other vehicles.

Electric Mobility

For local emissions-free transport vehicles, all-electric drives are the only option. ZF supplies these drives for passenger cars, trucks and buses as highly efficient system solutions, among them electric motors and power electronics.

Integrated Safety

Helping to prevent traffic accidents or at least mitigating their severity are goals that ZF is pursuing with the most comprehensive safety technology portfolio in the supplier industry.

Digitalization and Software

Digitalization is all about integrating and interconnecting artificial intelligence into more products and endowing it with the capacity to learn. ZF is one of the trailblazers that is revolutionizing mobility.