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Flexible All-Wheel Drive for Electric Vehicles

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"eConnect" is the name of ZF's decouplable, purely electric all-wheel drive. The technology company presented the close-to-production innovation to the public at this year's International Motor Show IAA.
Frank Thoma,
Frank Thoma has been corporate editor at ZF since 2011. With a degree in journalism, he has been planning, writing and editing articles for all of the company’s internal, external media.
For decades already, drivers have appreciated the advantages of all-wheel drive vehicles. The four-wheel drive is just as attractive as before, even in the age of electric Next Generation Mobility. For this reason, ZF has developed eConnect, a dedicated solution.

The new system requires the same installation space and allows the second axle to be decoupled, which saves energy when its drive force is not required. This reduces mechanical drag losses by up to 90 percent. If required, eConnect activates the second drive within milliseconds via a dog clutch without any loss. All in all, eConnect reduces energy consumption and increases the range by five to ten percent, depending on the respective overall vehicle design.

Watch the video to gain more insight into the concept of eConnect and its advantages and join us afterwards for a test drive!