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Automated Driving
Instead of driving the vehicle, you can opt to do something else: That is the vision of automated driving. ZF systems are already coming close to making this vision a reality.

The road to autonomous driving is being paved by cameras, radar, laser and communication systems that generate a 720-degree view both inside and outside the vehicle. Highly advanced ZF control units convert the volumes of data supplied by vehicle sensors and infrastructure systems into command actions for intelligent mechanical systems, such as drive systems, steering systems and brakes. Sophisticated human-machine interfaces are required for intuitive and straightforward communication between the vehicle and driver. All these systems not only ensure greater comfort, but are critical for bringing about the vision of zero accidents.

Systems Competence: Platooning

Sensor-based assistance systems offer more than just safety. Driving in a convoy reduces consumption and emissions.
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See - think - act

ZF can make vehicles see, think, act

ZF innovations help vehicles to see, think and act. To support these actions, ZF delivers perfectly dovetailed solutions – a unique selling point of the technology company.