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The Future is Electric

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In the 15-month ZF Global Trainee Program, participants will become acquainted with work at ZF, rise to the challenges of a daily work routine, apply the knowledge gained during studies to successfully complete international projects and start a promising career at a highly-innovative automotive company.
ZF Trainees, June 23, 2017
ZF Trainees are a group of young people taking part in the ZF Global Trainee Program. In the #traineeblog they give insights about the life as a ZF Trainee.
Hi everyone! As an electrical engineer, I feel that driveline electrification is a major milestone in developing the mobility of the future. Thank God I’m not the only one thinking like this :P Both newcomers (e.g. Tesla, Faraday Future, and Nio) and traditional OEMs are developing great examples of how private mobility can be efficiently done by using electric vehicles.

E-Mobility is reality and ZF, willing to be a key partner in the automotive industry of the future, didn’t sit and wait for it to happen!

That’s why since 2016 all the electrification projects have found a home in Division E (E-Mobility), whose headquarters are located in Schweinfurt. Previously all electrification projects were carried out in the different divisions, favoring diversification but at the same time not offering a holistic solution. The newly founded division aims at providing a responsive and powerful platform to respond to customers’requests regarding electrification.
And it’s exactly in E-Mobility where I spent my second assignment of the trainee program, specifically in the Business Development Team: a young and dynamic group coordinating the strategic activities and pushing improvements to make ZF a key player in the future!
What I liked the most of this role is the level of constant interaction with other functions inside the Divisions. As strategic processes touch all the areas, I had the chance to participate in preparation of key information for decision making and collaborate to the initiation of new processes, which will streamline work and make ZF more competitive in the market.
Overall I really enjoyed the experience! It was very nice to see how quickly this market evolves and how difficult it is to make decisions in the uncertainty regarding technology and use cases.
I liked E-Mobility so much that I decided to continue with an assignment in this field, this time in a more technical role. A couple of days I packed everything and moved to Japan, where I will stay the whole summer. Here I will work in the development of novel power electronics for Electric Vehicles.
Talk to you soon!