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Hannover Messe 2017

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At the world's most important industrial fair, ZF demonstrates how sensor systems, electronic control units and actuators can be linked to create intelligent mechanical systems.
ZF Editors, April 26, 2017
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In line with the trade fair motto "Integrated Industry – Creating Value," ZF presents innovations that primarily focus on artificial intelligence and cloud-based solutions at the Hannover Messe (HMI).

"Our triad, 'SEE - THINK - ACT', encapsulates the transformation of pure mechanics into intelligent mechanical systems that capture and analyze situations and respond accordingly," explains Wilhelm Rehm, member of the Board of Management of ZF Friedrichshafen AG, responsible for the Industrial Technology Division.
The ZF Innovation Tractor , one of the main attractions at the ZF trade fair booth demonstrates this perfectly: The vehicle independently scans its surroundings with its cameras and is therefore able to automatically maneuver and connect working machines. It stops automatically if people are inside the danger area. However, the tractor is just a first example for "Automated Operations."
The ZF Innovation Tractor demonstrates how automated driving functions make tractor operations faster, safer and more efficient.
ZF at HMI 2017
By networking intelligent and self-learning systems, we’re entering a whole new dimension.
— Wilhelm Rehm, Member of the ZF Board of Management

This is the buzzword that ZF uses when looking ahead and accelerating automation in the industrial technology sector . Entire infrastructure systems can act independently thanks to cloud-based solutions. “By networking intelligent and self-learning systems, we’re entering a whole new dimension,” says Rehm. In the future, a fleet of individual tractors will become a fully-automated crop management system with self-driving agricultural machinery.

Innovative opportunities thanks to ZF Cloud

Innovative opportunities thanks to ZF Cloud

Similarly advanced scenarios will also be possible in other industrial sectors: Among others, ZF will be presenting new opportunities for asset tracking , cableways or wind turbines at HMI.
One foundation for this networking is ZF Cloud, which will be presented at HMI for the first time. It offers the possibility to collect and evaluate data as well as link a large number of individual participants. Thanks to the Openmatics telematics platform, ZF has already gained many years of experience in managing large amounts of data.
"We are now going even further and are giving users the opportunity to even include external information, store it in a protected area and evaluate it using powerful analytical tools in real time,” explains Dr. Klaus Geißdörfer, Head of ZF's Industrial Technology Division.
With this complete portfolio of trendsetting technologies, ZF is well prepared to take on the new challenges and opportunities in the field of industrial technology.

See – Think – Act

ZF can make vehicles see, think, and act