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Intelligently Connected on the Road

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A video illustrates why the medium-sized forwarding company Bächle from Villingen in Baden-Württemberg decided to use the telematics platform "OPENMATICS" by ZF and how it benefits from this digital solution in everyday business life.
ZF Editors, July 18, 2017
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In the highly competitive logistics market, having lean, flexible and customer-oriented business processes is crucial for forwarding companies. The vehicle manufacturer independent telematics system "OPENMATICS" by ZF is the digital connectivity platform for sophisticated fleet management with a wide range of extension possibilities. It can contribute significantly toward increasing competitiveness. deTAGtive, the most recent extension of OPENMATICS, underlines the system's innovativeness. Bluetooth Low Energy TAGs enable comprehensive monitoring of valuable and sensitive loads. The sensors, which are based on BLE technology, reliably record temperatures, humidity and shocks/vibrations.

Our video describes how the owner-operated company Otto Bächle GmbH from Villingen in Baden-Württemberg uses OPENMATICS to control its fleet.