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People & Culture

Accelerating Together in China

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Tags: Emobility, Markets, Company
Asia-Pacific is one of the most important market regions for ZF. Over the course of the previous year, the Group has achieved sales of €6 billion in China, the main market. The ZF products for electromobility and safety technology exhibited at the leading trade fair "Auto Shanghai" are of particular interest to Chinese customers. An overview.
ZF Editors, April 26, 2017
ZF Editors Join us: For years, our editors have been writing articles on interesting topics from the industry and on ZF for the online magazine.
It is clear for all to see: "The Chinese market's demand for high tech is ever growing. We are therefore making the right choice in building up our position in China in terms of our development capability as well as by constructing production plants," said Peter Lake. As a member of the ZF Board of Management, he is responsible for both the Corporate Market Function and the Region of Asia-Pacific.

With these words, Lake opened the Engineering Center, which was extended significantly, in the Shanghai district of Songjiang on April 18, 2017. Many local politicians, ZF employees and customers from China were present at the opening. This Engineering Center will aid the Group in ensuring that its products are adjusted even faster for markets in the Asia-Pacific region.
Following its extension, the Engineering Center in Shanghai now offers 54,000 square meters of space. While around 400 developers work here today, the number of engineers is to increase to 1,000 in total by 2022. The Group is investing a total of €50 million in the extension. The Engineering Center in Shanghai is in close cooperation with the already existing Engineering Center in Anting, around 40 kilometers away. There, ZF employees focus on active and passive safety technology.

work at the ZF Group's production locations in China, which amount to almost 50 production locations in total.
We have come in with state-of-the-art technology, we have localized it for the Chinese market and are now accelerating our marketing activities. This means we now have covered the three megatrends of efficiency, safety and autonomous driving, which play an important role in shaping the entire automotive industry.
Peter Lake, ZF member of the Board of Management

High interest in ZF technology

High interest in ZF technology

A day after the opening ceremony for the new Engineering Center, the "Auto Shanghai" trade fair began. As the biggest automotive trade fair in the world, "Auto Shanghai" takes place every two years. The ZF Group showcased electromobility solutions and products for active and passive safety technology at its trade fair stand. Both of these topics are currently of great interest to Chinese customers.Ultimately, the automotive industry in China is looking for reliable partners and appropriate technological solutions in order to respond to the C-NCAP regulations, which are set to tighten as of 2018, as well as to respond to state subsidy programs for alternative drives. At the press conference on the second day of the trade fair, Peter Lake, ZF member of the Board of Management responsible for Corporate Market, explained the "ZF 2025 Strategy" to the media representatives present: "We are pursuing the long-term objective of a dual 'Vision Zero'. We intend for our technology to considerably reduce the number of accidents and emissions, with the ultimate goal of zero accidents and zero emissions.” He emphasized that reaching these objectives would be impossible without digitalization and autonomous driving and ZF fulfills both of these requirements.

billion Euro
ZF's sales in China. China is the third largest market in the world, after the U.S. and Europe.

Experts meet during "Auto Shanghai"

Experts meet during "Auto Shanghai"

High-quality expert meetings are always to be found around "Auto Shanghai". At the Chinese CAR Symposium organized by the Center of Automotive Research of the University of Duisburg, automotive experts from around the world met to share ideas on topics such as electromobility and safety in China. Ulrich Teichert, the new Head of E-Mobility for the Region of Asia-Pacific at ZF, spoke about the strong growth of electromobility in China and how ZF’s highly integrated drive solutions can further contribute to that growth. At the Chinese Transmission Symposium, Dr. Jürgen Greiner, Head of Development for Passenger Car Drive Systems, spoke on the efficiency potential in transmissions as well as on current and future developments in ZF hybrid transmissions, with a focus on the new 8-speed dual clutch transmission with integrated plug-in hybrid module.
Impressions of the leading Chinese trade fair "Auto Shanghai 2017"

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