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Fast Track to Digital Products and Services

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Tags: BigData, Connectivity, Software
ZF’s Data Venture Accelerator will transform proven data opportunities into sizable product and service offerings and provides an operational model to bring incubated data businesses to maturity.
Jan Wienrich, January 12, 2021
Jan Wienrich has been working as a cross-media publisher at ZF for several years. He is specialized in topics ranging from automated to autonomous driving.
Big Data is fast becoming the new currency of global business. Harnessing the power of data into tangible products and services that provide value to both the market sellers and end consumers, along with other entities such as governments, educators and service providers, has enormous potential and holds great promise to make future mobility more efficient, safe and convenient for all.

ZF is ready to meet the challenges of the further development and deployment of data businesses with its new Data Venture Accelerator. The Data Venture Accelerator is a global venture hub within ZF’s Innovation & Technology organization. It is being established to expand products that have successfully shown value and technology feasibility – from Innovative Proof of Concepts, to Mature Data Products. Turning such promising ventures into mature Data Businesses is the goal of the Data Venture Accelerator.

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