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ZF Marine – Powering Mobility on the Water

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Wolfgang Schmid, November 21, 2019
Wolfgang Schmid Head of Industrial Technology Division North America. Head of Business Unit Marine and Special Driveline Technology North & Central America.
Since the 1980s, ZF has been partnering with engine manufacturers and North American pleasure craft builders, giving the company unmatched experience and industry expertise. Our complete line of propulsion systems, including transmissions, propellers, control systems, surface drives and thrusters can be integrated into a variety of watercraft – from watersports, and sail, to sportfishing and mega yachts.

But it’s not just boat manufacturers that can benefit from ZF’s marine expertise. Boat owners considering an update to their vessel’s propulsion system can rely on our Repropulsion expertise to help them reassess the complete propulsion system, including transmissions, propellers and controls. Whether it is due to the age of the boat and/or propulsion system, recent mechanical failure, desire for improved reliability or new technology, our repropulsion experts help guide boat owners through the decision-making process.

Because of the rapid pace of technology advancement, it’s imperative ZF has a forward-thinking mindset. In our marine business, this means developing partnerships that create next-generation technology offerings to customers. For example, ZF Marine recently entered a partnership with Yacht Controller so that ZF’s SmartCommand control systems can be packaged with Yacht Controller’s wireless remote-control system in the Imperium package. The integration of these two technologies will deliver the highest level of vessel maneuverability to the marketplace, making the Imperium package the premier vessel control system on the market.
SmartCommand control systems from ZF can be packaged with the wireless remote control system from Yacht Controller.

Our most recent partnership is with Siren Marine, industry experts in Connected Boat® technology and customized app development. With this partnership Siren Marine’s cloud-based Connected Boat Platform will give boaters 24/7 connection to their ZF transmissions. This allows boat owners to stay informed about the status of their equipment and track usage hours, which would give them immediate notice of potential issues and notifications about recommended service timing. Constant access to information at their fingertips can potentially minimize downtime and enjoy their boating experience without fear of transmission issues.
A cloud-based Connected Boat® platform from Siren Marine provides boat owners with a round-the-clock connection to their ZF transmissions.

These are just a few examples of how ZF is not just a transmission and controls manufacturer in the marine industry, but a marine propulsion leader committed to providing boat owners with technology that improves the overall boating experience.