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Paradigm Shift for Electromobility

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ZF shifts up a gear: its new 2-speed electric drive for passenger cars integrates an advanced electric motor with a shift element and appropriate power electronics. What is the advantage of this concept?
Florian Tausch, September 17, 2019
Florian Tausch was active as a journalist in various industries and countries. Today he heads the editorial team at ZF.
Vehicles with the new 2-speed drive consume less energy, which in turn extends range by up to five percent when compared to a one-speed unit. For vehicle manufacturers, the new 2-speed drive offers two options for using improved energy conversion efficiency. The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) could either go for an extended range while retaining the same size of accumulator, or utilize a smaller accumulator.

Moreover, the 2-speed concept offers benefits for OEMs who are pursuing performance. Until now, with electric motors, vehicle manufacturers have had to choose between high initial torque and a high top speed. ZF engineers are now resolving this conflict and the new drive will be compatible for performance and heavier vehicles – for example for passenger cars towing a trailer.

Learn more in the video.
ZF presents its new 2-speed electric drive for passenger cars.


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