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Wind Power: A Success Story with a Future

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Nathalie Nijs, July 23, 2019
Nathalie Nijs works in the Marketing department of ZF Wind Power in Lommel, Belgium.
Happy birthday! Exactly 40 years ago, the first gearbox for wind turbines roll out of the ZF plant. Nowadays, 25 percent of all turbines around the globe have a ZF transmission. The approximately 65,000 turbines worldwide equipped with one produce around 120 gigawatts of electricity per year. This means that the wind turbines featuring ZF transmissions alone supply 100 million homes across the world with renewable energy. Wind energy has been contributing greatly to the global supply of energy for a long time – and this contribution will continue growing. After all, wind energy plays an exceptional role in the transition to a low-CO₂ economy.

Since wind turbines are becoming larger and more powerful, technology must also evolve. Turbines must become more efficient and guarantee continuously sinking Levelized Costs of Energy (LCOE) for vendors. This technical term encapsulates the costs that arise when transforming one type of energy into electricity. This is where ZF Wind Power makes the difference. Thanks to their continuous technical further development, the team can quickly react to market demands and deliver products that guarantee low Levelized Costs of Energy – for both onshore wind turbines and those out at sea. Last year, operators of onshore and offshore wind farms recorded historically low costs. This makes wind energy more competitive than ever. Wind turbines on land are already the most cost-effective form of power generation in large parts of Europe, and offshore turbines are close behind.

In addition to the cost argument, wind turbines also have another plus on their side: in times where the international community is concerned with rising climate change, wind power presents a sustainable way of generating energy. ZF utilizes its expertise in a wide range of fields in collaboration with its customers in the areas of electromobility and renewable energy in order to transform traffic, industry, and energy markets, as well as ensuring a safe, clean future without the use of coal-generated power.

On the occasion of this year’s Global Wind Day - held every year on June 15th – ZF Wind Power encouraged its employees in China, India, and the USA as well as in Germany and Belgium to teach their children and grandchildren about the importance of wind for their future. Children were asked to draw pictures. The results now decorate a wall in the break room at the ZF Wind Power headquarters in Lommel. The young artists associated wind with terms such as “happiness”, “nature”, “fun”, and sometimes even “danger”. Above all, however, wind is one thing: energy.

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