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Shanghai - hungry for the future

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Valentin Landmann, April 15, 2019
Valentin Landmann is a #ZFtrainee from Lipsheim, France. He has a double degree in Mechanical Engineering from Arts et Métiers ParisTech and KIT Karlsruhe. Valentin loves to play tennis and badminton.
The ZF Global Trainee Program is a great opportunity to open up new horizons. In fact, with a background in mechanical engineering, I was mainly involved in technically oriented projects. When I started this program, I had the opportunity to experience other types of projects, including those that were more business-oriented.

Thanks to the rotation of this project, I had the opportunity to achieve two of my goals within the same project: Discover Asia and carry out a strategic project. China, in particular, has always attracted me. In fact, many countries in this region have a strong economy, with large companies and several megacities. But none of these countries have had such rapid economic growth over such a long period. In a few decades, China has become the world's second largest economy and a leader in key technologies such as solar modules, battery systems and 5G networks. How was this development possible at such a fast pace? What impact has this had on the lives of the local population? Will these new technologies have an impact on the future of mobility? I wanted to find answers myself.
So in March of this year I took the opportunity to realise a project in Shanghai and I was not disappointed! Everything was new for me: a mixture of different Chinese cultures and food (which are very diverse), modernity, megacities (less than 5 million inhabitants, the city is considered small...) and a boom of new mobility solutions. In addition, it is possible to find in Shanghai modern skyscrapers, which are located at the Bund, and the tradition of various temples. This mixture of rapid development, new technologies and the Chinese passion for their local traditions is very interesting.
China is full of natural and cultural treasures such as the Yellow Mountains Park, the Terracotta Army and the fabulous cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao. I hope I have enough time to visit them all! In any case, the locals and your future colleagues will help you implement your projects (private or business)! In fact, I had the opportunity to be invited by one of my colleagues to spend a weekend with his family. It was fascinating for me to discover how people live here and what their culture and way of life is: a beautiful and unforgettable memory!
Shanghai was also attractive for me because of the nature of the project. I'm a big motorsport fan and have a great opportunity to work for ZF Race Engineering during the 3 months. The main goal of this ZF unit is to spread the high-quality ZF image worldwide. Based on the best technologies in the ZF product portfolio, the Motorsport department develops customized products that meet all our diverse customer needs.
"Thanks to the quality of its products, ZF Race Engineering is currently involved in the most renowned motorsport events in the world!"

Examples include Formula 1 (Ferrari, Red Bull, Haas teams), Formula E (close partnership with the Venturi team), DTM (BWM, Audi, Mercedes-Benz) and the Dakar Rally (Peugeot team).
My project is currently concentrating on the motorsport market in China. It's an opportunity for me to interact internally and externally with many players in this demanding market. I must admit I know only a few words of Chinese.... but with new technologies (#digitisation) and some local support from my colleagues I was able to develop in this new world. Thanks to the trainee program, we also discover ourselves and learn from our faculty how to deal with unexpected situations.
So there are many things to discover here - sights, monuments, people... time passes quickly here!

Accompany us to China!