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We change people’s future mobility

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Aine Denari , February 28, 2019
Aine Denari is Senior Vice President responsible for Advanced Driver Assist Systems within the Electronics & ADAS Division.
At ZF we have an incredibly exciting portfolio, we are changing the way people’s lives will be in the future. I often wonder even with my own children will they ever drive because that is how different the world might look when they grow up. Whatever that future looks like, you can be sure that ZF will be at the forefront of shaping how people and goods are transported.

We are firmly positioned as a leader in the mobility space across nearly every mode of transportation and through our digitalization efforts. There is virtually no other company with the breadth and depth of advancements in safety, e-mobility and automated functions.
My colleague Aaron Jefferson and I recently had the pleasure to highlight our efforts in developing Next Generation Mobility in a television feature called “Meet the Innovators”.
Enjoy watching!