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vision - The ZF Magazine

The corporate magazine's latest issue focuses on Smart Logistics

The main theme of the current issue of “vision” is logistics and how it can be integrated into the mobility of the future. In addition to general information on market trends, you will learn about what company ideas and prototype products are already being implemented in logistics for the Next Generation Mobility.

These stories are just waiting for you:

Restart necessary

Freight traffic is growing exponentially worldwide. More and more goods vehicles are clogging up city streets. The logistics system as we know it is verging on collapse. Better networking will considerably increase efficiency in logistics.

Satisfaction delivered to the front door free of charge

Logistics service providers deliver billions of shipments a year. An autonomously operated concept car by ZF will revolutionize the delivery process for drivers and customers along the last delivery mile.

Autonomous cost brakes

Using intelligent concepts, ZF shows how logistics on the highways as well as in company terminals can be designed to be safer and more efficient. The key to this lies in autonomous driving functions.

A company full of energy

Powering everything from bicycles to truck trailers, ZF offers the most diverse electric drive systems. This portfolio makes the technology company unique in the mobility industry.

Dynamic sedan chairs

The new active damping system sMOTION by ZF brings driving comfort, dynamics and safety to a new level. That's a huge plus when it comes to highly automated driving.

Cleanliness and efficiency in XXL format

Safe and emission-free – that is the promise of electrified autonomous commercial vehicles To achieve this goal, ZF is proud to introduce a prototype equipped with an electro-mechanical steering system.

Reaching New Highs

Major Chinese corporations are working intensely on the technologies of tomorrow, including artificial intelligence (AI). And ZF is there as part of a strong partnership.


Norway has long been gaining experience in the electric vehicle industry in style. How does electromobility work there and what can be transferred to other countries? Eric Figenbaum, a Norwegian traffic researcher, has the answers.

Amazing transformation

Remanufacturing is a sustainable alternative to manufacturing new products. A visit to the Czech location in Frýdlant shows how ZF breathes life back into products there.

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