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ZF supports relief projects

Natural Disasters in 2017

Thousands of people have died and damages have risen into the billions. By all accounts, 2017 has been a disastrous year for natural catastrophes. Your donation can help alleviate suffering and hardship in the poorest regions of the world.

Water is life

To implement better water supply in the impoverished regions of the world, we start the new fundraising campaign 2016/17.

100 years - 100 schools

For the anniversary year 2015, ZF Friedrichshafen AG rolled out the so far largest humanitarian education project in company history.

2014 - Construction and Furnishing of a School in Senegal

"ZF hilft." supports education which secures the future of more than 500 children in the community of Médina Chérif.

2013 – School Projects in Africa and the Dominican Republic

"ZF hilft." supports the local population, who sets up educational institutions in remote areas, by means of microfinance loans.

2012 - Water Supply for People in Africa

Tens of thousands of people in Chad and Kenya benefit from new wells and barrages.

2011 - Aid for slums in Brazil

"ZF hilft." supports people in a slum in Brazil with the construction of a community center.

2010 - Forest Garden Project in Haiti

After the earthquake in Haiti, the donations were destined for a forest garden project for peasants.

2009 - Microcredits for People in India

In India, donations were used to finance minor credits for people in need.

2008 - Water for Refugees in Darfur

In the Darfur region, "ZF hilft." initiated a new project for refugees from Sudan and organized potable water supply for many people.

2006 - Aid for Victims of the Earthquake in Pakistan

One focus of the aid was the Kashmir region where emergency accommodation for the victims of the earthquake was provided and houses were re-built.

2005 - Support for Victims of the Tsunami

With the donations, "ZF hilft." financed school buses and accommodation for orphans of the region.

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