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GlobalCompanyCorporate Governance ZF Way - Our Principles
GlobalCompanyCorporate Governance ZF Way - Our Principles
ZF Way - Winning together in the race to Next Generation Mobility
CompanyCorporate Governance ZF Way - Our Principles

Our Principles

Winning Together in the Race to Next Generation Mobility

Anticipating trends in mobility, picking up on them and turning ideas into unique products has always been our strength at ZF. However, the speed of change has increased significantly. That is why we are making ourselves fit for the future: with the ZF Way. This is a Group-wide initiative that starts at the most diverse points in the company and is aimed at everyone. Common goals and shared values are key to our lasting success.

The ZF Way

The ZF Way is not a temporary action, but describes the 'how' behind our corporate strategy "Next Generation Mobility". The ZF Way is our way of doing things. It's what we stand for. Together we will win the race for tomorrow's mobility.

Our Principles

We act according to the five proven and timeless characteristics that have made ZF a leading global mobility specialist in the past: Passion, Anticipation, Diversity, Empowerment and Accountability.


Strong will to succeed!
We work with passion to achieve outstanding results through bold decisions that are in the interest of our customers.


Excel & Explore!
We recognize changes at an early stage, look for new solutions and work continuously on improvements.


Team beats silo!
We act as a team and use the advantages that arise from different mentalities, ideas and geographical regions. This is how we generate a culture of creativity.


We work as a team in a collaborative and committed manner, sharing tasks and creating an atmosphere in which everyone can expand their own competencies.


Promise made! – Promise kept!
We act pragmatically and feel accountable as a team for the promised performance as well as for the result. We act in accordance with the law and our company policies.

Further Information

Code of conduct

The code of conduct underpins ZF’s principles of business behavior.

Careers at ZF

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