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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance – Core Guideline for Day-to-day Management

We see compliance as the foundation for successful and good corporate governance. It supports reliable and respectful relations with all stakeholders and is thus the basis for enduring and trusting cooperation. The Management and Supervisory Boards are committed to responsible management and supervision of the company in line with the principles of good corporate governance. The fundamentals are a prerequisite for sustained corporate success and a core guideline for our conduct in day-to-day management. Acting in accordance with the principles of responsible corporate leadership directed towards sustainable value creation is a comprehensive standard set by the Group and applicable across all areas of the company.

Board of Management

Our currently most important task this year is to focus on specifically advancing technological change.

Supervisory Board

Here you will find an overview of the members of the ZF Supervisory Board, both for the shareholders and on behalf of the employees.


For ZF, compliance is an essential element in ensuring the long-term success of the business and protecting employees from unnecessary risks.


Annual Report 2022

In 2022, ZF made a commitment to climate protection and nature conservation, to people and to lasting values under one common motto: Acting now. ZF is driving forward its own transformation and that of its products and technologies with the same momentum. Details on this as well as on all key facts and figures on the 2022 annual accounts you can download here.