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Compliance at ZF
Our Guiding Principles

Corporate management based on integrity and the assumption of social responsibility form the principles of ZF's corporate policy. Compliance is therefore an essential component for ensuring the company's long-term success and underpins our business relationships.

Act to safeguard trust

Compliance is a prerequisite for fair, transparent business practice. The actions of each individual employee based on integrity and responsibility reinforce ZF's competitiveness and reputation. After all, you need to embrace compliance in all business areas in order to survive in a competitive market and also gain the trust of customers in future.

ZF Compliance aims to bolster and continually promote among employees and business partners an awareness and understanding of acting responsibly.

Compliance thus promotes ZF's financial and social success, providing employees with everyday certainty, protecting them and the Group against unnecessary risks, and highlighting the right way where doubt arises. Compliance with rules is an inherent part of our daily work. After all, breaches of external and internal rules may entail serious financial losses.

The Code of Conduct defines principles for acting in line with legal constraints and with integrity − principles which apply equally to every employee. Internal ZF rules provide specific instructions that supplement and enhance the Code of Conduct. The rules help identify and prevent misconduct early on. They also provide guidance in situations where employees are unsure how to behave.

Any breach of compliance guidelines has consequences. Such conduct is clarified by means of careful checks and sanctioned accordingly.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct sets out clear standards that regulate how all employees conduct themselves with integrity in line with compliance rules.

  • Our company and all of us are responsible for adhering to applicable laws and internal guidelines.
  • We endorse, without restriction, the principles of fair and free competition as a fundamental component of the market economy.
  • As part of our worldwide business operations, we do not tolerate any form of corruption.
  • We make decisions in accordance with business considerations and in the interests of the company. We ensure that business decisions are not influenced by private or personal interests.
  • We accept corporate and social responsibility and regard this as a key factor in our sustained corporate success.
  • Safety at work, the preservation and promotion of health, fitness, and job satisfaction of our employees, combined with the reduction of environmental pollution, are fundamental principles placed on business operations.
  • We secure and protect the confidentiality of sensitive information, data, and business secrets.
  • We demand and promote transparent business activities.In line with this belief, our employees can contact us at any time in confidence.

The Code of Conduct for employees can be found here.

Business Partner Principles

As a global leader in technology, ZF stands out through innovation, expertise, and reliability. We always act purposefully and with integrity vis-à-vis our business partners and ourselves. This responsible conduct and transparent business processes are the prerequisite for a relationship with customers, suppliers, and other business partners based on trust.

Prevent risks together and maintain trust

The Business Partner Principles forms the foundation of cooperation based on partnership. It includes the requirements and expectations of the ZF Group vis-à-vis its business partners. Business partners undertake to comply with the principles set out by ZF when collaborating with the company.

The Business Partner Principles can be found in different languages here:

English (PDF, 3.6 MB)

German (PDF, 5.3 MB)

Chinese (PDF, 3.8 MB)

Spanish (PDF, 3.6 MB)

French (PDF, 3.6 MB)

Portuguese (PDF, 2.6 MB)

Italian (PDF, 1.6 MB)



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Further information

Code of conduct

The code of conduct underpins ZF’s principles of business behavior.

Business partner principles

Prevent risks jointly with business partners and maintain the trust of customers.