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Car Chassis Technology

About the division

The Car Chassis Technology Division has the overall responsibility for passenger car chassis products applicable for vehicles of up to 6 tons. The divison’s product portfolio comprises everything from chassis components for wheel guidance to complete front and rear axles, including passive and semi-active dampers, as well as electromechanical active chassis systems.

Facts & Figures
Sales (2018) €7,876 million
Divisional Structure
Head of Division Dr. Peter Holdmann
Business Unit Person in charge
Chassis Systems Dr. Peter Holdmann (PU)
Chassis Components Matthias Raulf
Suspension Technology Mario Sabel
Locations in Europe Germany: Ahrweiler, Damme, Diepholz, Eitorf, Kreuztal, Schweinfurt, Stemwede-Dielingen/Lemförde, Wagenfeld
Czechia: Žatec
France: Florange, St. Etienne
Great Britain: Darlaston, Solihull
Italy: Candiolo
Austria: Lebring
Slovakia: Levice, Detva, Šahy
Spain: Lezama
Turkey: Izmir, Gebze
Locations in North America Canada: Windsor
Mexico: Aguascalientes, El Salto, Guadalajara, San Luis Potosi, Toluca
USA: Duncan, Lapeer, Newton, Northville, Tuscaloosa
Locations in South America Argentina: San Francisco
Brazil: Iracemápolis, Sorocaba
Locations in Asia, Pacific, Middle East & Australia China: Shanghai, Changchun, Shenyang, Bejing
Indien: Gurgaon, New Delhi, Chennai
Korea: Gumi-City, Changwon
Thailand: Rayong
Malaysia: Kulim, Pekan
Viet Nam: Haiphong
Locations in Africa South Africa: Rosslyn, East London



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Car Chassis Technology

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Technologies for Passenger Cars

As a global leader in the automotive industry, ZF’s extensive portfolio includes chassis and driveline technology for conventional, hybrid and electric vehicles as well as active and passive safety systems.


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