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Sun Shengyue

How can ZF achieve its "Vision Zero" target of an automotive world with zero emissions? The Group has a range of different electric vehicle concepts for achieving the goal of zero-emissions local transport in the future. At the Engineering Center in Shanghai, Sun Shengyue is making a major contribution to turning this vision into a reality – as a developer in the new E-Mobility Division, she works on hybrid modules and axle systems for electric vehicles.

"Working with colleagues from different departments and learning from them is a fantastic experience."

How she came to ZF:

Sun Shengyue is a big motorsports fan and, as the daughter of two engineers, has been interested in cars from an early age. She applied to write her university thesis at ZF and then spent three months in Schweinfurt. Here, at the headquarters of the E-Mobility Division, she was able to put her knowledge into practice for the first time. The in-depth knowledge of electromobility that she acquired here helps her and her colleagues in the development of new innovations at the Shanghai location.